Here is Our Story.

For far too long we allowed our lives to just happen. We knew we wanted more, but we fell into a life and relationship that was on autopilot.

Knowing we wanted more from life, we began to take control and adopted a unique approach to Life Design. 

Our desire is to share this approach with others so you can begin a life that is fulfilling and wholehearted! 


Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We have combined our experience, and life lessons with vulnerability and authenticity to develop an approach for others, who like us, want to design their best lives and begin living life to its fullest! 


We offer 1-1 coaching to help you design your best life. Our approach incorporates helping you define what you want from life, identifying obstacles that may exist and helping you design a plan to get there. If you are interested in our coaching, contact us and we will make sure to connect with you.  


We offer virtual and in-person events for any size audience. We customize each of our talks to ensure the audience understands that they can have the life they want – a life of fulfillment and joy. If you’re interested in having one or both of us speak, contact us and we will make sure to connect with you. 

You Can Design Your Life.

We are here to help.

Hi. I’m Carlos.

In 2005 I left a successful career in a software company and co-founded my first business. By 2014, we had made several Inc. 5000 awards, were landing brand name clients, I had published my first book which was an Amazon #1 new release and from all appearances, life was great. Except for the fact that it wasn’t. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, my marriage was in shambles and I was stuck! I knew things needed to change and I meet many, who like me know the same, but do not know where to begin. This is why we are here.

Hi. I’m Susanne.

I became a wife and mother at a young age and made the decision to sacrifice my career ambitions to stay home with my kids. While completely secure in that decision, what I found was that over the years I gave up my personal identity. I had allowed myself to become only Susanne, the wife, and mother.

While I loved my years as a stay at home mom, being married to someone who consistently put work first meant that for much of my marriage I was operating as a single mom and had little time to develop my own interests. As my kids grew and began to leave home, I felt rather lost.

I knew things needed to change and I wanted to live a more fulfilling and joyful life. I talk to many, who like me, desire the same. I get to share my experience and the lessons I have learned with them, which is why we are here.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want you to live your best life possible. We are here to help you identify what life obstacles may be holding you back, help you overcome them and design a life that allows you to live it to its fullest.

There is hope and things can change. We know what it feels like to feel  stuck, but we are proof that if you are willing, to begin with, small changes, you can have hope and design a life that is better!

You can rebuild the connection that has been lost with your partner and other important relationships, including yourself. As human beings we are wired for deep and meaningful connection; which cannot be found when one or both are not emotionally or mentally available or present. You can re-establish a connection that has been lost or needs repair, we have done it and want you to do the same!

There can be relief a life that is unfulfilling and not at all what you hoped it would be. You can redefine success and begin a new way of living that brings joy and fulfillment. 

What’s Holding You Back? Take the first step today!

What We Offer

We have developed an array of offerings to help you design the life that is most rewarding. Our podcast, blog and coaching are all designed to help you design your best life. Take the time to review all and we hope you will join our community. 


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