The UnAmerican Dream, was written to encourage those who are tired of the hustle, to step off the treadmill and look at success differently. The book also includes a poignant chapter by Susanne and invites professionals to find happiness, identity, and worth by redefining success.


A revolutionary message, a personal journey to overcome workaholism that lead to a desire to help others.


The UnAmerican Dream was written for professionals who want to step off the workaholic treadmill and offers them a better way to live their lives. The book also contains a chapter by Susanne who describes the experience of being married to someone obsessed with his professional achievements.

Each chapter ends with reflection questions to help the reader begin to apply the learnings from the book. Think about buying one for you and your partner so you can work through it together and begin making small changes that will impact you both.

Contains Personal & Practical Information to Help You

  • Be present and available in your relationships and at work
  • Find your identity in the things that matter
  • Get the most from your profession
  • Understand and embrace true happiness

The Wake-Up Call You Have Been Looking For

  • Understanding the negative impact of workaholism
  • Examining the lies that justify workaholism
  • Determining if you are sacrificial or selfish?
  • Taking a look if your values are aligned with your life

I feel like we got our life back.

Carlos and Susanne’s message will change your life, your career, your success...”

Carlos and Susanne’s insights and encouragement have been invaluable

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Embracing The Experience of Choices

Embracing The Experience of Choices

Very few choices we make will be forever and even when fearful or uncertain, we can make choices that help us design the life we want.

In this episode, Carlos and Susanne share their thoughts on making choices and discuss how we can embrace the experience. They share their experience of the choices they have made to design their own lives. They talk about how even when fearful, they made a choice to move forward, and how they embrace the experience.

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Creating The Life You Love to Live Every Day

Creating The Life You Love to Live Every Day

Bobbi Kahler, who is an author, podcast host, speaker, coach, and avid cross country skier joined the podcast to share her insights on Life Design.

This Rocky Mountain resident is
known as a Personal Change Chef, and is a servant of anyone seeking personal improvement.

In this seventh episode of season 2, Bobbi speaks about all of us having choices, owning those choices, and the beauty that can come from all of the experiences we have in the journey to fulfill our dreams.

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Someday Is Not A Day In The Week – A Conversation With Milena Regos

Someday Is Not A Day In The Week – A Conversation With Milena Regos

Milena Regos is the founder of The Unhustle movement and The Unhustle Podcast.  In this episode, she speaks with Carlos about the value of rest, what success means to her, and her tips on life design.

Milena has over 20 years of experience as a marketer and entrepreneur and lived a life that was way off balance and it was impacting her health and relationships. It was on a trip to Mexico when she decided to change things and her life design of unhustling was born. 

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