This site and what we offer are designed to help people get back to who they were created to be. 

We have experienced Hope, Connection & Relief  and desire to help others find the same.

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About Carlos & Susanne


We are an ordinary couple who has experienced some gut-wrenching times in our 25-years of marriage and desire to use what we have overcome to help others thrive, find connection and struggle with life’s challenges. 

Our marriage was severely impacted by a lack of alignment, agreement and boundaries, which was fueled by an unhinged pursuit of professional success that Carlos embodied for many years of his career. This left Susanne home raising 4 children on her own with no voice in the relationship.

We have been at the brink of a divorce, we have seen what a lack of connection and boundaries can do to ruin a relationship.

We have both lost ourselves and put our identities into the wrong things, and have seen the impact that neglect has on a marriage and family.

The good news is, we have overcome it and are now more committed than ever to living a wholehearted life and desire to help others do the same. 

It can be done. There is Hope, Connection & Relief; we are living proof of that. We invite you to join our community and learn more about our story. We encourage you to ask for help, be open to change and begin living a life where you can thrive!

If you want to know more about Carlos & Susanne you can watch their video stories below.

What’s Holding You Back?

Are you truly living life to its fullest? Are you getting healthy satisfaction from your work, your personal life, your relationships? If the answer to any of these is no, what’s holding you back?

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We Can Help You And Your Team

 A lack of alignment, agreement and boundaries can be crippling to you as an individual, to a relationship, and to a corporate culture. If you are looking to change, we have developed a number of offerings that you can use to alter your life and company culture.

We have taken our experience and what we have overcome to develop courses, workshops, retreats, and additional content to help you, your life partner or your organization find Hope, Connection and Relief and truly thrive.

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